December 06, 2016
  1. Haha seems funny to me.  Jamal kakar
  2. Good work boy, you earned a PHD degree in blaming Pakistan. Farsi
  3. Is this Pakistan shaking hands with blood thirsty Dostum. Seems like Ghani forgets to wear Pakistani costume to show how Pak supporting terror. Farsi
  4. Hello sir my name is Gulahmad Haidari and i want to scholarship for Bachelor degree in computer science at USA and want to you listen for this destitute boy please thank you . Gulahmad
  5. What kind of shameless this country is, since the last 40 year their sisters, mothers and daughters are living in Pakistan like their own sisters but always hitting Pakistan sitting in the lap of his enemy Hindustan. Since the existence of Pakistan Afghanistan is creating problems for them but always helps them in crises. Now this slogan looks real.......Understand Pakistan-Namak haram Afghanistan. A.N Ansari
  6. Arash Barez Is Innocent, The Afghan System of Government is one of the most corrupt , I fear for his life, that the rich, who buy the police with their money will do something to him in jail, So Dear AfghanStar If You are reading this, Please Help Mr. Arash Barez , Please ... they might kill him in Jail.  Im outside of Afghanistan and there is nothing we can do from the outside , Please Help Him,  If you are reading this Message Please share it, and copy and paste it So @AfghanStar sees it , Pleasee Sadjad Sahebdel

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