March 28, 2017
  1. TRADE & TERROR cannot take place at the same time ! Afghanistan is responsible for Terrorism as Afghanistan does not recognize the International Border ! sami
  2. Good for you having other options, but your economy can barely afford Pakistan, now that you have called my country your enemy who strangles your trade, and kill your people, you better take a look at who made us your 'enemy' it's all your fault! Afghans started war on Pakistan in 1948 we still ignore your stupidity youve been keeping up with for 70 years and achieved nothing but destruction of your own country. You can't afford Iran or others that's the fact. Better take a tour in market and check out what prices poor people are paying these days. Ahmad
  3. What a nutjob u r Mr. Prez. You country almost died last week and begged us to open the gates but still ur long tongue doesnt stop bullshitting. You must be high on opium again.   Khan
  4. So he is calling Pakistan an enemy and at the same time he is asking for the trade route ! What kind of a president he is ! sami
  5. It is amazing that Nawaz Sharif orders the opening of the border a couple of days before Nawroz. Now thousands of people will flow into Afghanistan and among them will probably be Taliban and ISIS, on their way for more destruction in the country. Residents of Kabul are very concerned. Prince Abdul Ali Seraj
  6. I greatly feel lucky for joining this program. sweeta raheel

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