August 30, 2016
  1. It was a great pleasure to knew that Afghanistan force captured a large numbers of explosive and other weapons in Kapisa. May Allah award more power to destroy all Taliban, ISIS and other eeimy of Afghanistan and other humities.. Dr. Hazrat M. Noorzad
  2. I love the former president of afghanistan Mr, Dr Najibullah he was the only president could rescued afghanistan if he was alive, today afghanistan would have been in powerful position in terms of military, economic and etc. he is still in heart of Afghan people. he demanded so much from Jahadi leaders please come to peace process and joined the government no one listened to him he had already predicted today's situation. Farooq Afghan
  3. Baby wake Up youself U kind people thinks only for youself. Russian came before him he was the only person who took Russians out on his gr8 master politics. He wasn't like your dog masoud who was working only for money when Americans realised that this man masoud is a person who works for money they killed him on Arabs through taliban. What your masoud did except destruction.  Leave everything just compare his works with your masoud he made gr8 army weopens tanks. But what masoud and other jihadi did instead of transferring everything of country to pakistan. Krnal imam of pakistan  in his interview says that we trained them and used them against their own country he himself takes names in which he first say masoud sayaf ismail and 90 thousand other leaders. You can check this video interview on youtube of krnal imam Sadat jabaar
  4. Najib Mojaddidi
  5. Wake up Afghanistan, he killed more than 2 million Afghans and caused more than 7 million refugees afghans around the globe. just like Kharzia Najib Mojaddidi
  6. Is these scholarship for universities of pakistan hameed ullah

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